Corporate Sponsorship

A woman facing unplanned pregnancy must make a choice that will change her life forever. Whether she chooses to have an abortion, place for adoption, or parent, the consequences of her decision--both good and bad--will follow her throughout her life. This decision will not only affect her, but likely her partner (who may have a helping hand in the decision) and other significant people in her life as well. You have a chance to reach out to them with support and encouragement through corporate sponsorship with the Pregnancy Resource Center of Saint John.

What is the PRC?

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a faith-based organization serving the greater Saint John area since 1989. We offer a safe, compassionate place for people facing an unplanned pregnancy to discuss their options (abortion, adoption, and parenting).  By providing accurate education, we empower women to make decisions based on their values rather than their circumstances.  We offer additional support going forward, once a decision has been made.

Our Services

All of our services are completely free and confidential. Our core services include:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Information on pregnancy options
  • Post-abortion support
  • Prenatal classes
  • Adoption support
  • Parenting classes
  • Material support

Additional services we offer (depending on demand) include:

  • Life skills classes
  • Sexual integrity/healthy relationship mentoring
  • Miscarriage/infant loss support

How Can You Help?

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Saint John is entirely privately funded* by generous individuals and organizations like yours. In 2016, we received enough donations to work with 76 new clients and 6 returning clients. We know that our services made a big difference for each of those individuals, but we also dream of reaching out to many more! This dream is where you come in.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

By becoming a corporate sponsor of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Saint John, your business is making a statement that you will stand behind some of the most vulnerable people in the Saint John area as well as invest in the next generation. This has implications not only for our future economy, but also in terms of the values we espouse as a community.  We can ask ourselves, are we a community that reaches out to those in need?

We envision a community in which every unplanned pregnancy is met with support, hope, and encouragement. This need is felt acutely here in Saint John across many socioeconomic demographics.  With support, those facing an unplanned pregnancy have a legitimate chance to survive and thrive during and after the pregnancy, regardless of the option they choose. By sponsoring the PRC, you can give people real hope that life can continue in a meaningful (albeit unexpected) way in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.

* With the exception of the annual federal and/or provincial summer student grant(s).


Make Your Mark 

Corporate Sponsorship Program

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Company logo displayed on Gala Dinner & Auction program

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Company will be recognized in newsletter distributed 3x per year


Company logo displayed on Steps for Hope event information packets


Company Logo will appear on the PRC's website and social media


Company logo displayed on Christmas House Tour information packet

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8 Complementary tickets to Gala Dinner & Auction and VIP Auction preview

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Opportunity for company spokesperson to give introductory remarks at Steps for Hope and at Gala Dinner & Auction


Oral recognition at Steps for Hope and Gala Dinner & Auction


Literature distribution at all major fundraising events



See how the PRC impacted Trevor and Melissa in the following video:



Melissa & Trevor's Story