Wednesday, 26 April 2017 19:49

Politics and the Post Abortion Journey

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During times of political upheaval, politics can end up filling our minds and our social media newsfeeds to the point where it becomes overwhelming to our souls. It seems we are simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by the political news and debates that get us all fired up. We long to be passionate about something. We long to stand for a cause greater than ourselves. But then we need a break. We don’t operate well in a state of constant intensity. Our souls need rest.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 10:45

The Hope of Spring

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It’s winter and everything seems cold and dead outside. If aliens arrived from another planet and flew over Canada now, they might assume it was a frozen wasteland where nothing but evergreens could grow.The ground looks pretty lifeless and hopeless.

The early stages of an unplanned pregnancy sometimes look that way as well. When hope has died off, one might think it can never grow again.

But I’m a gardener.

Thursday, 24 November 2016 22:59

Ups and Downs of PRC Life

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I’m new here this year. It's not the first time I've been involved at a pregnancy care centre. So before I arrived, I already knew the nature of the work--often joyful and heart-wrenching all in one day. I also knew about the amazing people who work in these places. They are rich in compassion, depth, humour and life; though not usually rich in material things.

I’d like to give you a glimpse into the heart of this place and what makes it so amazing.

The first thing you notice when you start working here is how the staff and volunteers care for one another.